Jewellery is a statement; it reflects you and your story. We want you to feel empowered and beautiful when you wear our jewellery. We don't just make jewellery; we live and breathe it; Jewellery is our passion.


Meet our founder Sonul!

One of my missions in life was to help people feel good about themselves, and for years I did that through my healthcare profession.  I grew as an individual and gained a lot of life experience - which was empowering for me as a woman but also rewarding. As time went on, I wanted to focus on my creative ambitions but at the same time fulfil my mission to help people feel good about themselves.

 Jewellery making started off as a hobby, but quickly turned into my passion! It enabled me to combine my love for jewellery and personal development. I trained as a NLP practitioner and have realised that this all fits together.

Sometimes things that happen in our lives impact us both mentally and physically. For me I found jewellery was a source of empowerment. Wearing jewellery pieces that I had handcrafted and designed metaphorically helped me to shine.

Being self-taught, I found that by wearing these bold and beautiful pieces of handcrafted jewellery that I had made, gave me a feeling of confidence, strength and fierceness.

All my pieces have a personal touch and come from a place of positivity and love. 

‌ As I started on this journey, there were some pieces that were universally appreciated by everyone and other pieces that needed to be crafted with little touches to enhance the wearer. This developed into my bespoke line, I also have a ready to wear range. Both lines are made with the same level of detail, attention and love.

My ethos is simple:

Making high quality, yet affordable luxury jewellery available for all.  Making the wearer feel confident and empowered.

Our Design & Vision


The word Lavanya in the ancient language of Sanskrit means grace and beauty. This is exactly how we want you to feel when wearing our jewellery.

Our collections are inspired by classic designs, nature and current trends.

Our jewellery is opulent, glamourous with added luxury truly to illuminate the wearer without the price tag.

We have a wide variety of jewellery lines to meet the needs of all our lovely customers


Our vision is to bring elegantly designed affordable luxury jewellery and make it accessible to everyone. Wearing key pieces time after time, season after season and growing your collection. Enhancing your experience of buying jewellery.

We are dedicated to bringing you the best quality and timeless jewellery pieces.

We also want to empower you and will be offering more on this in the future. Finding your inner strength and confidence is the key to your empowerment, we believe that jewellery can help symbolise your beauty, strength and radiance.

Our Hub


All of our collections are designed in our Northampton studio. All of our components and materials are sourced from highly reputable suppliers.

The ranges are made with the highest quality Sterling Silver, with options of Gold and Rose Gold plating. With some pieces being adorned by premium quality crystals and stones. Each piece has a personal touch.


We make premium bespoke jewellery for brides, bridal parties, keep sakes and every and any special occasion.

It can be tailored to your requirements, to make the pieces uniquely for you.

If you require a particular size, colour or to customise a piece of our ready to buy range, please get in touch for more information. Our team will be happy to help!